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About us

The International Drivers Association (IDA) was found in 1992 in Geneva. It was established to:

• extend its full support to drivers and autotourists in processing the paperwork;

• build partnerships with global organizations on behalf of the road transport industry;

• protect the rights and interests of national road carriers;

• cooperate with government organizations, while complementing their services;

• make positive contributions to society to improve the quality, safety

and comfort of road trips and transport.

Later, the headquarter of the Association moved to Austria (Vienna) where the global database is now maintained. In 2011, the Vienna Convention on Road Traffic has been amended with new requirements for a unified design of driving permit. In this regard, the IDA has opened franchise branches in other countries. IDA representative offices are engaged in processing and issuing International Driving Permits (IDPs) to citizens and residents of those countries where government institutions do not provide such a service. The IDPs conform to the standards of both the Vienna and Geneva Convention and are valid in 130 countries of the world.