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Car rental in Turkey

If you plan to rent a car during your trip to Turkey, the first thing to keep in mind is having an International Driving Permit from International Drivers Association. Other things to be aware of when you rent a car:

  1. Contact trusted car rental companies. We can recommend our official partner -Β large international aggregator website.Β 

  2. During summer months it is better to book a car couple of weeks beforehand because it is almost impossible to find a car on the spot.

  3. Renting a car for the whole period of the vacation is better, saves you money.

  4. You can choose full coverage car insurance, such as Super Casco.

  5. If you plan a long trip, it is better to choose cars with a permitted daily mileage of at least 200 km/day.

It is also important to think through what type of car you would prefer to drive. If you plan to only visit main attractions by the seaside then you can choose a sedan.

But if you want to see the most beautiful places in Turkey and your route will pass through mountains, unpaved roads, then you will definitely need an SUV or all-wheel drive crossover.