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Car Travel in Algeria

Algeria, a charming country located in North Africa, beckons to automobile enthusiasts with its unique travel opportunities. The combination of historical heritage, breathtaking landscapes, and the warm hospitality of the local population makes Algeria a magnet for those inclined to explore it by car. This article describes key aspects for car travelers heading to Algeria.

Navigation according to Algerian traffic rules:

In Algeria, right-hand traffic is followed, and overtaking is done on the left. The typical speed limits are as follows: 50 km/h in urban areas, 90 km/h on regular roads, and 110 km/h on highways. Children under 10 years old must use child car seats appropriate for their age and weight. All vehicle passengers must wear seat belts as required by law. Drivers are limited to a blood alcohol content threshold of 0.2 g/L. However, it is recommended to abstain from alcohol while driving. 

Essential documentation:

Driver's licenses: To travel on Algerian roads, you need both an International Driving Permit and driver's licenses issued by the host country. You can obtain International Driving Permit by filling out the necessary form on our website.

Vehicle registration documents: For those embarking on a journey with their own vehicles, having original registration documents and an insurance policy covered by Algeria is mandatory. 

Insurance: It is advisable to insure yourself against road accidents in Algeria. It's recommended to check with your insurance company to ensure coverage in this jurisdiction. Additionally, it's helpful to have a basic understanding of French or Arabic since these languages are commonly used on road signs and notifications in Algeria.

Additional information:

Algeria boasts an extensive road network connecting cities and regions. Primary arteries are usually well-maintained, though in peripheral areas, roads may be narrower or less meticulously serviced. Algeria is a treasury of historical and cultural gems. Immerse yourself in the charm of timeless cities like Algiers, Casablanca, and Tlemcen. Stroll through ancient ruins such as the Roman Kasbah Tilyatin or Tikitin, and relish unique natural panoramas like the Sahara Desert or national parks. Enjoy the splendor of Algerian cuisine, which includes traditional delicacies like couscous, tagine, and harira (soup). Take the opportunity to sample a variety of local delights while immersing yourself in Algerian hospitality.