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Heading for Adventures in Burkina Faso by Car

Burkina Faso has a variety of road conditions, from well-maintained roads in urban centers to less favorable road quality in rural areas. Here are some valuable insights for car travel in Burkina Faso:

Urban centers in Burkina Faso, including cities like Ouagadougou and Bobo-Dioulasso, typically have roads with solid surfaces. However, these roads may show signs of wear, including potholes. Conversely, rural areas are characterized by uneven and poorly maintained dirt roads.

When choosing a rental car for travel in Burkina Faso, it's advisable to opt for a vehicle with high ground clearance. This choice will enhance your ability to effectively navigate rough terrain and dirt roads. SUVs and crossovers are often preferred options for exploring the countryside.

International car rental agencies can be found in major cities in Burkina Faso. However, vehicle availability may be limited, so it's essential to book your rental in advance. Pay close attention to rental conditions, including insurance coverage, fuel policies, and any restrictions on traveling to specific areas.

Required Documents:

To operate a vehicle in Burkina Faso, you must have valid national and international driver's licenses (referred to as IDL). You can apply for an international driver's license (IDL) by filling out a form on our website.

Always carry a valid passport or identity document with you, as these may be requested during the car rental process or when interacting with law enforcement.

When renting a car, be sure to retain copies of the rental agreement and insurance policy.

Notable Attractions in Burkina Faso:

Banfora City Mosque: The city's prominent mosque, a remarkable landmark in Banfora, the capital of Burkina Faso, is worth a visit. It is conveniently located in the city center, and getting there by car is straightforward. You can rent a car at the airport or in the city center, and by following road signs, you'll arrive at the mosque. The city has a well-developed road network, making it easy to find parking.

National Park of Burkina Faso: This stunning national park located in the western part of the country is renowned for its rich biodiversity. To reach it by car, follow the main roads towards Bobo-Dioulasso, then take the road leading to the park. The approximate travel time from Ouagadougou is about 3-4 hours. The park offers convenient parking, allowing you to leave your car and embark on an exciting hike or explore the wilderness.

Gorom-Gorom: To reach Gorom-Gorom, a historic town known for its culture and architecture, you can travel by car. Simply follow the main roads connecting Ouagadougou to Gorom-Gorom, and along the way, enjoy picturesque landscapes and Burkina Faso's countryside. Gorom-Gorom provides secure parking areas where you can safely leave your car and immerse yourself in the local culture while strolling through its charming narrow streets.