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International Driving Permit for Traveling in Azerbaijan

Driving on the roads of Azerbaijan can turn into an exciting adventure for tourists who enjoy traveling freely and exploring historical sites independently. However, such a journey requires careful preparation. If you are preparing for a tourist expedition to Azerbaijan and dream of driving within its borders, obtaining an International Driving Permit (IDP) is a crucial initial step. Operating a vehicle within the country's borders without an IDP is prohibited.

The presence of an international driver's permit is of paramount importance when traveling on Azerbaijani roads, as local law enforcement authorities have the right to request them during routine checks. In the absence of an IDP, potential consequences include fines and even the suspension of driving privileges within the country. The fine for not having an international driver's permit in Azerbaijan ranges from 100 to 200 Azerbaijani manats.

Road Rules

After the mandatory briefing on the significance of international driver's permits, let's delve into some fundamental rules of the road in Azerbaijan. Observing these rules ensures safe and unobstructed travel throughout the country.

In Azerbaijan, internationally recognized rules of the road are followed, including adhering to speed limits. It's crucial to stay vigilant and adhere to road signs, especially when entering residential areas and near educational and medical institutions, where lower speed limits are usually in place. Speed cameras are commonly used to enforce these limits.

Rules regarding overtaking and traffic lights are also key elements of road etiquette in Azerbaijan. Observing these directives and exercising caution is particularly important in areas with heavy traffic.

Attractions in Azerbaijan

Azerbaijan offers many captivating attractions that will enthrall tourists exploring this charming country. The capital city, Baku, holds a special place among them. Within its boundaries, you'll find a blend of modern skyscrapers, time-tested buildings, and cobblestone streets surrounded by ancient stone fortifications. The pearl of Baku's charm is the Inner City (Icheri Sheher), an ancient complex that includes the magnificent Palace of the Shirvanshahs, the State Historical-Architectural Reserve, and the famous Maiden Tower.

The Caspian Sea coastline adds to Azerbaijan's allure and boasts well-known resorts. Among them, Naftalan stands out with its natural oil springs renowned for their therapeutic potential in treating various ailments.ย 

Ganja, a prominent city in the west of the country, offers lush parks, botanical gardens, and architectural gems to its visitors.

An intriguing aspect lies in Azerbaijan's status as an oil-rich nation. Baku, known as the "City of Black Gold," has a history steeped in oil heritage. The Gyanja Oil Well, an esteemed structure built in the early 20th century, stands as a testament to the country's oil legacy and is among its most notable attractions.

Ultimately, a journey through Azerbaijan provides tourists with an unparalleled opportunity to traverse this charming land while adhering to road rules and savoring its scenic grandeur.