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Traveling by car in Taiwan: Everything you need to know

Taiwan, a unique combination of cultural traditions and natural beauty, offers travelers a great opportunity to explore the island by car. Here are detailed information to help make your road trip to Taiwan unforgettable.

International Driving Permit (IDP) for Taiwan:

Foreigners wishing to drive in Taiwan are required to have an international driving permit in addition to their national license. This is a mandatory requirement that will help avoid fines and misunderstandings with local authorities.

Features of car rental in Taiwan:

Required documents: Passport, national driving license, IDP and credit card.

Fines: Be prepared for possible fines for traffic violations caught on camera.

Traffic rules in Taiwan:

  • Driving on the left: In Taiwan, driving on the left side of the road is common.

  • Speed limits: These usually range from 60 km/h in built-up areas to 100 km/h on motorways.

  • Safety requirements: Use of seat belts and child seats, as well as a ban on driving while intoxicated and using a telephone without hands-free.

Interesting routes for traveling by car:

Taroko-Goratsan: Explore this majestic national park, enjoying mountain views, gorges and waterfalls.

East Taiwan Coast: Discover the beauty of the east coast with its breathtaking seascapes and mountain slopes.

Traveling from North to South: From the capital Taipei to the southern cities, you can experience the island's diversity, from urban architecture to tranquil coastal villages.

Traveling by car in Taiwan gives you unique freedom to choose your route and gives you a deeper insight into local life and nature. Get ready for an unforgettable experience as you explore this island and all its treasures. With all the necessary information and proper preparation, your trip to Taiwan will be comfortable and safe.