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An enchanting journey through the Land of Love. France

A road trip through the picturesque landscapes of France is an adventure that promises delightful sceneries, unseen nooks and unforgettable memories. To explore all the attractions of this country in a comfortable tempo, renting a car becomes a must. But before you hit the road, we recommend you to have a look at a few tips and guidelines that will ensure you a comfortable journey.

International Driverโ€™s Licence in France

Before you wind up the engine, you should determine whether you need an International Driving Permit (IDP) to legally drive and rent a car in France. While some travellers can get by without one, having an International Driving Licence gives you extra reassurance. The process of obtaining an International Driving Permit is quite simple: it supplements your national driving licence and gives you the right to drive outside your home country. Only EU citizens are not required to have an IDP, so getting one in advance will save you the hassle of dealing with the authorities and car rental companies.

Rent a car - the key to free movement

Renting a car in France is fairly easy if you are prepared. Most car rental companies require drivers to be at least 21 years old, although some may require a minimum age of 25 for certain categories of cars. A valid national driving licence is generally sufficient, but as we've already mentioned, an international driving licence can be indispensable. Don't forget to book your rental car in advance to get the best deals and guarantee the desired car rental.

Traffic rules in France. Things you didn't know

It is essential to know the traffic rules and regulations when getting behind the wheel. Some of them are self-explanatory, but others can be more unexpected. Here's a quick overview of the less common rules and penalties you should be aware of:

  • Breathalyser - must-have: It's a mandatory requirement to have a breathalyser in your car all the time. In France, road safety is taken seriously and this little gadget is proof of the commitment.

  • Say "no" to radar detectors: The use of radar detectors is strictly prohibited. Being caught with such device can result in a hefty fine and confiscation of the gadget.

  • Priority to the right: Unlike in many countries where the vehicle on the left has the right of way, France is the opposite. Always give way to vehicles moving on the right.

  • Speeding fines are no joke: France is known for its strict speed limits. Significant over-speeding can result in fines ranging from substantial to outrageously high.

Charting an itinerary around France

Now that you're well equipped to navigate French roads, let's talk about some of the hidden gems you can explore during your journey by rental car:

  • Gorges du Tarn: A lesser known alternative to the famous Gorges du Verdon, this stunning canyon offers spectacular views and opportunities for outdoor activities such as kayaking and hiking.

  • Colmar: Lying in the Alsace region, Colmar exudes old world charm with its colourful timber houses and cobbled streets.

  • Luberon Villages: These charming villages in Provence are a photographer's paradise, with their narrow streets, vine-covered houses and vibrant markets.

  • Chรขteau de Chambord: Located in the Loire Valley, this grand Renaissance chรขteau is an architectural masterpiece surrounded by vast grounds and forests.

  • ร‰tretat: A town on the Normandy coast, famous for its impressive cliffs and natural arches, it is a haven for artists and nature lovers.

  • Carcassonne: A visit to this fortress city with its impressive walls, turrets and cobbled streets will transport you to a medieval fairytale.

In a land renowned for its wine, cheese, art and history, embarking on a journey via rental car will help you discover the heart and soul of France. Equipped with IDP, a sense of adventure and these tips, you'll be able to create lifelong memories. So pack your bags, buckle up and hit the road to the real treasures waiting to be discovered. Have a safe journey!