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Specificities of the traffic rules in USA

As we all know perfectly, the rules of the road in different countries can differ from each other. Of course, there are some general rules that must be observed absolutely everywhere, for example, the speed limit, the use of seat belts and so on.

But there are also quite unusual rules that can be very surprising to tourists visiting a particular country. Earlier we have already talked about the oddities of traffic regulations in Europe and Asia, it is America's turn!

  • In the USA, in the city of Denver, Colorado, it is forbidden to drive black cars on the streets of the city on Sundays, but the strangest thing is that the reason for such a ban is still not explained.

  • In the state of Delaware, there is another specific ban - changing clothes in a car will entail a fine. But there is one exception - if you are in a hurry for a fire and you urgently need to change in the car, then the ban is lifted.

  • No less interesting and strange limitations exist in the state of Tennessee. You can't shoot whales from a moving car there. At the same time, there is no sea or ocean on the territory of the state โ€“ it is completely on land. Accordingly, there are no whales and have never been in the state.

  • But in Pennsylvania, car owners are required to have a huge car cover, in case of a meeting with a cart, which is harnessed by horses, to cover the car in order to avoid the animal's fright.

  • Another interesting feature already exists in Mexico. There, a donkey is considered a type of personal transport, and in order for the owner to move legally on it, he needs to get a license. Moreover, the DL must include photos of both the owner and the donkey itself.