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The Importance of an International Driving Permit in Moldova

When planning a trip to Moldova and intending to drive in the country, understanding the importance of an international driving permit is crucial. This document is mandatory for tourists who wish to rent a car in Moldova.

An international driving permit is a document that confirms your ability to drive and translates your information into several languages, including English and Russian. It serves as an additional verification of your driver's status in other countries and facilitates communication with local automotive authorities in Moldova. Obtaining an IDP is relatively simple and does not require significant effort. The approximate fine for not having an international permit in Moldova can range from 200 to 500 Lei.

Traffic Rules in Moldova:

In Moldova, there are specific traffic rules that need to be adhered to while driving. Adhering to these rules will help you move safely and comfortably throughout the country. Pay special attention to speed limits, overtaking rules, traffic lights, and road signs. Urban areas typically have quite intense traffic, so remain vigilant and cautious.

In the event of accidents, you must report to the nearest police station within 2 hours, even if only material damage is caused.

Moldova does not have highways. However, a road tax (vignette) is levied upon entering Moldova with vehicles registered abroad. The cost varies depending on the length of stay in the country, but for a period of up to seven days, you can expect to pay around 4 euros.

Places to Visit in Moldova:

  • Chisinau: The capital of Moldova is a scenic and vibrant city. You'll find parks, squares, cathedrals, museums, and plenty of cafes and restaurants. The Independence Square, the Cathedral of Christ's Nativity, and the National Museum of History of Moldova are particularly recommended.

  • Orhei National Park: This reserve offers beautiful nature with rivers, hills, lakes, and historical monuments. You can visit Orhei monasteries, medieval fortresses, and enjoy scenic walks.

  • Curchi Monastery: This ancient monastery set in the picturesque Moldovan hills is one of the country's most famous monastic settlements. Enjoy the beautiful architecture, sacred atmosphere, and unique icons.

  • Transnistria: This separate territory within Moldova, with the status of a self-proclaimed republic, offers a deep dive into its history and political situation. Cities like Tiraspol and Bender offer historical buildings, monuments, and walks through streets of the Soviet era.

  • Wine tours: Moldova is known for its vineyards and wine production. Organize a wine tour, visit wineries, tasting rooms, and enjoy local varieties of wine.

Prepare for your journey with the necessary documents and knowledge of local rules to ensure your driving in Moldova is safe and enjoyable. With an international driving permit, you'll be fully ready to enjoy the freedom of travel and exploration in this unique country.