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On the Roads of Paraguay: Tips for Road Trippers

Paraguay, the heart of South America, attracts road trippers with its scenic landscapes, cultural treasures, and hospitable inhabitants. Preparing for a journey by car in this country requires understanding the nuances of local driving, knowledge of traffic rules, and possession of necessary documents. Here are some key recommendations to enjoy your travel across Paraguay.

Traffic Rules in Paraguay

  • Traffic moves on the right side of the road.

  • At uncontrolled intersections, give way to traffic from the right.

  • Speed limits are usually 60 km/h in urban areas and up to 100 km/h on highways.

  • The use of seat belts is mandatory for all passengers and the driver.

Documents for Car Rental

  • Driver's License: Both national and international licenses are required.

  • Passport: Ensure it's valid for the entire duration of your stay.

  • Vehicle documents: If you're on your own vehicle, have originals and copies of the car's documents.

Driving Characteristics in Paraguay

  • Be cautious: many roads away from cities can be in poor condition.

  • Vigilance: local drivers may exhibit unpredictable behavior on the roads.

  • Parking: be mindful of parking rules and keep valuables out of sight.

These tips will help you avoid common pitfalls and make your journey through Paraguay enjoyable and safe. Forward to new discoveries in this unique and colorful country!