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Rwanda: A Fabulous Road Trip Itinerary

Located in a unique corner of South America, Rwanda attracts the attention of motorists with its magnificent landscapes, rich cultural heritage and diverse wildlife. Before you set out to explore local roads, it is useful to familiarize yourself with a number of important points regarding documents, driving rules and local traffic patterns.

Required Documents for Driving in Rwanda

Traveling by car in Rwanda requires a number of documents: national and international driving licenses, a valid passport and, in the case of a rental, a copy of the rental agreement. International rights can be obtained through specialized services by first filling out a form.

Features of Driving in Rwanda

  • Left-hand traffic: Rwanda follows a left-hand traffic system, which may require some adaptation for foreign drivers.

  • Road Conditions: Be prepared for variable road quality, especially away from urban centers.

  • Traffic Rules: Speed limits and road safety are especially important in Rwanda, where pedestrians and cyclists often use the same roads.

  • Road Checkpoints: Checkpoints are spread throughout the country and it is important to have all the necessary documents with you.

  • Safety: Rwanda is considered a relatively safe country to drive, but be sure to use caution and common sense.

  • Navigation: Although the road system is well developed, using GPS or maps will help avoid confusion.

What to See in Rwanda by Car

Picturesque Hills: Rwanda is known as the "land of a thousand hills". A trip to these places promises to be unforgettable.

National Parks: Meeting mountain gorillas at Volcanoes Park or spotting wildlife at Akagera will be the highlight of your trip.

Cultural Heritage: From musical rituals to historical sites, Rwanda offers a deep dive into its culture and history.

By following these guidelines and equipped with the necessary documents, you can confidently enjoy the beauty and diversity of Rwanda, making your road trip truly unforgettable.