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Road trip through Turkmenistan: Discovering the Treasures of Central Asia

Turkmenistan, a country with rich traditions and unique landscapes, offers travelers an excellent opportunity to explore its beauty by car. Here is the basic information that will help make your trip to Turkmenistan comfortable and safe.

The meaning of the International Driving Permit (IDP) in Turkmenistan:

To drive in Turkmenistan, foreign citizens must have an IDP. This document facilitates the process of renting a car and helps to avoid troubles with the police in case of traffic control. Having an IDP ensures that your rights are recognized and understood by local authorities.

Basic traffic rules in Turkmenistan:

  • Right-hand traffic: All vehicles must drive on the right side of the road.

  • Speed Limit: Speed limits vary by zone and road type.

  • Safety requirements: It is necessary to use the hands-free system when driving and observe the ban on smoking and eating while driving.

  • Blood Alcohol Level: Driving while intoxicated is prohibited, the legal blood alcohol level is 0.05%.

Additional recommendations for road travelers:

  • Time of day: Avoid driving at night outside cities due to poor road conditions and lighting.

  • Fines: Pay fines on time to avoid doubling them.

  • Transportation: Four-wheel drive vehicles are preferred, especially when traveling through desert and mountainous areas.

  • Checkpoints: Be prepared to encounter checkpoints and have all necessary documents with you.

Turkmenistan opens its ancient cities, green oases and desert landscapes to road travelers. If you follow the rules and have a prepared IDP, your journey through this amazing country will be full of adventures and new experiences.