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To create an original article in Russian for the UAE audience, taking into account the topic of traveling in a rented car and the importance of an international driving permit, I will propose the following structure and content of the article, focusing on the uniqueness of the text and interesting presentation of information:


A brief overview of the beauty and uniqueness of the UAE as a tourist destination.

The importance of planning and preparing for traveling by car, including the need for an international driver's license.

Chapter 1: UAE - Land of Contrasts

Describes the cultural and natural diversity of the UAE, from deserts to modern cities like Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

Popular places worth visiting: Burj Khalifa, Palm Islands, Sheikh Zayed Mosque and others.

Chapter 2: Traveling by Car in the UAE

The advantages of renting a car for tourists: freedom of movement, the opportunity to explore secluded places.

A detailed guide to renting a car: what documents are needed, which companies offer the best conditions, insurance, etc.

Chapter 3: The Need for an International Driving Permit

An explanation of what an international driving license is and why it is needed in the UAE.

Instructions for obtaining an international driving license before traveling to the UAE.

Chapter 4: Routes to Explore the UAE by Car

Description of several routes around the UAE, indicating interesting places to stop and photographs.

Secrets and tips for travelers: best times to visit, places to stay, cultural features.

Chapter 5: Safety and Traffic Rules

Review of basic traffic rules in the UAE.

Tips for driving safely and avoiding fines and other problems on the road.


Summing up and parting words for readers planning a trip to the UAE in a rented car.

A reminder of the importance of preparation and responsibility when driving in a foreign country.

When writing an article, the uniqueness of the text is achieved through an original approach to the presentation of material, the use of relevant information, personal experience or opinions, as well as structuring and style. It is important to reveal each section in detail and interestingly, paying attention to the details and specifics of the UAE as a tourist destination.