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The weirdest traffic rules in Europe

Each country, of course, has its own peculiarities and habits, its own requirements and rules. And how much it is always interesting to learn something new and unusual from the lives of others, for example, very non-standard traffic rules in European countries.

Europeans are famous for their pedantry and prudery, but, as it turned out, they also have very strange and not always decent rules:

  • Great Britain - here is an incredibly convenient rule for the male half of drivers and it consists in the fact that men are allowed to pee on the back wheel of their own car, even in a public place.

  • Spain - if you regularly wear glasses for vision correction, be prepared for the fact that according to local legislation, there must be a spare pair of glasses in your car.

  • Switzerland - if you suddenly decide to wash your car on a wonderful Sunday morning, then stock up on a tidy sum to pay a fine, since washing cars on Sundays is strictly prohibited.

  • Luxembourg - when renting a car, you should definitely pay attention to windscreen wipers, because every car must be equipped with them, even if there is no window.

  • Denmark - if you are extremely emotional and are not used to limiting yourself to indecent gestures when someone ran your car off the road, then you will definitely have to pay a hefty fine (from several hundred to several thousand euros) to the Danish police, since the demonstration of such gestures is prohibited by traffic rules.

  • Cyprus - surprisingly, the ban in Cyprus is quite simple, it is categorically impossible to eat or drink while driving, since, according to local rules, this can provoke an emergency situation.

  • Finland - the Finnish authorities have introduced the most rational approach to the formation of fines. Now the fine for traffic violations is not a fixed amount, but is calculated as a percentage of the violator's last registered income. Once even a fine of 170,000 โ‚ฌ was recorded.

Regardless of how weird those rules are, it is important to comply with the requirements that you definitely know about. You should not forget about your passport, national driving license and international driving permit.