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What are the benefits of electric vehicles

Currently, there is a real surge in the popularity of electric cars all over the world, and they can be found more and more often on the streets of cities. Moreover, the owners of so-called electrocars claim that they are unlikely to switch back to a car with an internal combustion engine now.

These cars have gained fame as environmentally friendly and economical vehicles, let's check if the advantages are true:

  • The economic benefit is that the cost of a full battery charge of an electric car is 63% lower than the cost of refueling a full tank for a gasoline car.

  • Safety for the environment in the city. The absence of exhaust gasses means that the air around us will become much cleaner.

  • The noise level from electric cars is several times less, which can make life in large cities with electric transport much more comfortable.

  • The repair of such cars is noticeably cheaper and takes less time due to the simplified design.

  • The best dynamics - power and torque allow you to gain excellent speed already at low revs and start moving as quickly as possible.

  • Maximum safety, guaranteed by the fact that the center of gravity of the car is shifted down due to the battery located there. For this reason, electric cars are more stable when maneuvering sharply and turn over less often.

In addition to all these undoubted advantages, it is still worth considering that there are some nuances, or minuses, if we can call them like that, which you should definitely pay attention to when choosing an electric car.

Probably the main and only disadvantage of electric cars is their cost. For comparison, the simplest electric car will cost no less than a gasoline car of the middle class. And if you choose a car with a maximum long range and other most technological characteristics, the cost will increase several times more.

As you can see, electric transport has much more advantages, but before making a choice between an electric motor and an internal combustion engine, we highly recommend you to consider in detail all the specifications of the desired car.