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Mastering Senegal's Driving Space: Keys to a Successful Trip

You can easily explore the megacities of Senegal by taxi or public transport, but to expand your travel horizons, you often need to drive your own car. Prepare to drive in the country by equipping yourself with a valid driver's license and international license, as well as knowledge of local traffic rules. Traveling by car will reveal to you the picturesque corners and rich culture of Senegal.

The importance of an International Driving Permit in Senegal cannot be overstated. This document, a translation of your national ID, is internationally recognized and facilitates communication with local services and car rental companies. Do not forget that an international certificate complements, but does not replace the national one, so both documents should always be with you.

Driving in Senegal means being prepared for a variety of road conditions, from well-maintained highways to challenging secondary roads, especially during the rainy season. Pedestrians, animals on the road, and poor lighting at night increase the difficulty of driving.

In the event of an accident, remain calm and remain on the scene until the police arrive, unless, of course, the situation threatens your safety. It is important to carry copies of all important documents with you to avoid trouble if the originals are possibly confiscated by the police.

By following these simple rules and being prepared for local traffic conditions, you can enjoy your trip to Senegal with maximum comfort and safety.