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The gasoline cost in different countries

The trend of increasing costs for gasoline has not been newย  for a long time, every year the price of precious fuel rises.

Even in some Arab countries with seemingly the most stable oil situation, including the UAE, the price tag has increased almost by 2 times compared to last year.

Currently the average cost of gasoline around the world is EUR 1.31 per liter.

But it is definitely worth noting that in fact in some countries this indicator is several times lower, and in others, on the contrary, it is higher.

This significant difference is conditioned by several factors that directly affect pricing in the sale of gasoline and other petroleum products. As a rule, there are higher prices in rich developed countries, while in poor countries and countries that produce and export oil, the cost is significantly lower. So this difference is related to different taxes and subsidies for gasoline. In fact, all countries have the opportunity to buy oil or petroleum products at the same price set on the international market, but they impose different legal requirements for taxation within the country.

As for European countries, it is worth remembering that all European states, despite the presence of regional refineries, buy gasoline from a variety of sources, for example in Saudi Arabia, the United States or Russia. It follows from this that the cost of fuel in this region directly depends on the political and economic situation in the world. In fact, recently the cost per liter of gasoline in European countries has increased by almost 10%. The highest cost per liter is now in Norway, it is EUR 2.26, Iceland is in second place - EUR 2.19, well, the Netherlands closes the top three - EUR 2.12, in Austria the cost is slightly higher than average and it is EUR 1.72 per liter.

For comparison, the cheapest gasoline now isย in Venezuela, just EUR 0.016, and the most expensive in Hong Kong - EUR 2.983. And in the most popular countries for car rental, where, by the way, an International Driving Permit is required, you will have to pay the following amounts: in the UAE - EUR 0.8 per liter, in Turkey - EUR 1.125 per liter, in Europe, on average, EUR 1.7 per liter, and in Thailand EUR 1.14.